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Where Can I Buy Advertising Blimps?

Where Can I Buy Advertising Blimps?

If you are looking for large helium blimps for advertising you should check here.

These blimps come in sizes ranging from 11 feet long to 30 feet long and are used most frequently for local businesses and events to bring customers into their place of business.

dvertising blimp shape with logo

11 ft. long blimps are $461.00 and artwork and logos are available for an additional charge.

These blimp balloons are made of a special polyurethane material that was originally developed for NASA. It is lightweight, retains helium and its color much better than PVC.

Made in the USA by Arizona Balloon Company for over 15 years and used by hundreds of businesses worldwide. These blimp balloons require much less helium than blimps made of PVC or nylon.

Email sales@arizonaballoon.com for more information.



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