E-Cig Company Adds TV to Its National Campaign

Summary: The electronic cigarette company, V2 Cigs, has recently released a TV commercial that will be broadcasted nationwide in efforts to complement the print, digital, radio, and social media efforts it already has running. The company is using the infomercial form of TV advertisement in order to educate the consumer and leverage expert opinions about how electronic cigarettes are better than not only the standard options but other tobacco alternatives. The 30-minute commercial showcases two of the flavors for the disposable cigarettes, menthol and tobacco, and the information is presented by a man who goes by Dr. Matthew Huebner. Dr. Huebner is a practitioner in Weston, FL in Emergency Medicine. With V2 Cigs located in Miami, this is naturally a decent fit. It is no longer easy to talk about or advertise smoking. With the normal cigarettes banned in many public places around the nation, those people who are addicted have been searching for companies like V2 Cigs that could provide an alternative. It is interesting that the company went the route of an infomercial . Thirty minutes to show how its e-cig is better than anything out there? Call it this blogger’s generational bias, but it is surprising to hear that the infomercial is still a viable option.