Giant Advertising Balloons

Giant Advertising Balloons Build Your Business!

Giant advertising balloons can be great profit makers. To do it correctly and maximize the amount of profit they bring to your business, they must be designed and placed in strategic ways.

Giant Advertising Balloon - 30 ft. Kong Advertising Inflatable

Giant Advertising Balloon – 30 ft. Kong Advertising Inflatable

The main point of giant advertising balloons is to get people interested in your product or service. To do this, you must catch their attention. In order to catch their attention, you need to make your advertising balloon very visible to the eye. You should try to choose colors that are very vibrant and colorful, but you should also make sure not to go overboard. If you make a balloon that has 50 different colors and try to put your slogan or business contact information on the side of it, you may find that visibility is actually decreased because it is harder to read the print with so many different colors going on.

Giant Pink Pig Helium Advertising Balloon

Giant Pink Pig Helium Advertising Balloon

Size does matter! You do not want a balloon that is too small or too big. Getting the right size will depend on a few different things, including the product you are advertising, how far it is off of the ground, how many people will be passing by, and its location. If you need help with this, the people creating your balloon may be able to give you advice. They do this for a living, and so they have seen many different balloons. They can probably tell you which types of balloons work the best at bringing in revenue, and how to design them to make the most impact on customers.

Giant Balloon - 14 ft. Blimp

Giant Balloon – 14 ft. Blimp

Using giant advertising balloons to help your business will take some time and planning. Using relevant wording is very important. You want to stress exactly what you are advertising. Be up front, and don’t sugar coat anything. Give some insight to what you are selling and get them to want to find out more.

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