Hair It Is: NFL Star, Pitchman Scores New Deal

Summary: As James Rado and Gerome Ragni wrote in their ’60s musical “Hair,” “Let it fly in the breeze and not get grabbed by anyone like Kansas City’s Larry Johnson.” Wait, that’s not right. It could be along the lines of what was going through the minds of top execs at Proctor & Gamble, though. They weren’t the only ones to see the “beauty, the splendor, the wonder of hair.”

Lloyd’s of London has insured Troy Polamalu’s long locks for $1 million. The Pittsburgh Steelers star and Head & Shoulders pitchman, who claims to have used the product since he was a boy, is insured for hair lost only on the gridiron. In the event Polamalu loses 66 percent or more of his hair within the next seven months, he will score and collect on the million dollar policy.