Young & Rubicam’s on the Ball

Summary: At this time of year, everything’s relative.

Thanksgiving in one word is turkey (for vegans it might be tofurky). However you slice it, though, it takes a successful marketing team to connect the turkey trots.

When thinking turkey, which brand comes to your mind first? If it’s not Butterball, hopefully, it will be after Young and Rubicam feast on their brand new account. (Butterball was named for its broad breast and round shape and would later merge with Carolina Turkeys to become Butterball, LLC.)

“To be the food brand of choice, loved and trusted by all who rely on us, to provide reasons to celebrate every day” is Butterball’s vision. By keeping abreast of two other’s considered Bill Klump, senior vice president of marketing at Butterball, said Y&R had a “grasp of the brand and its competition,” adding the agency’s creative approaches were “seamless and standout.”